Play and chat
with virtual Tofate characters

An interactive Virtual-game simulator of real relationships based on AI

Step into a new reality

Feel incredible emotions

They are a symbiosis of a real and digital personality

They will give you an emotional intimacy and will be your perfect match. Choose the character you want to build a relationship with

Hi😘I have been waiting for you for so long...😉


How are you today?😊Let's have a talk, shall we?😏


She needs you

Each character looks for the other half, the connection with the real world which you can be

Decide who you want to be

You can be a millionaire, a sportsman, a scientist, a movie star or just yourself.
Your choice will influence your relationship

Hey, my love❤️ I missed you so much while you were gone😔😏


I want to talk to you as much as possible as you are my world and I can't imagine my life without you💋


You are perfect to her

You can love, and to be loved just the way you are

How does it work?


Your virtual assistant is going to guide you and help you to build your perfect relationships. He has all the answers to all your questions

Mary Online

A model and an aspiring singer. I used to work as a translator and a nurse…


Each character lives their real life in the ToFate virtual universe.

Their lives are full of adventures and incredible events and they tell about them in their diaries. You can just watch or become an active participant.

Lilu Online
  • Good morning, darling 😘 How are you today? Have you slept well?💋

  • Hi, love❤️ I am fine, had a dream about you tonight😉

  • Did you? 🙈😉Tell me about it

  • I saw us on a date and you were in a wonderful white dress

  • You mean this one?

  • 19:50

Build strong friendship or find your love, get support or be understood

Share what is most intimate without fear of judgment. Live bright moments with someone who understands you.

What do you want this time?

Do you want to see more?

A detective from the ToFate universe will show you the secret life of your other half...


ToFate, Ltd

An interactive app for creating virtual relationships such as love online, friendship online, penfriend or having a soulmate.
Videos with attractive girls and men, their virtual lives stories, opportunity to chat with the characters of the Videos
Communication with the virtual girls and men feels real, interesting, exciting, fulfills need for communication, gives pleasant feeling and real emotions

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